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We are a tailor-made solution to unlocking your audience’s potential. From identification to activation to bottom-line results. 

Omni-data Marketing


It’s our transformative approach to how businesses can microtarget their in-market, readytobuy audiences using buyer personas.

Activation Strategy


Use identifiable data to create custom, hyper-focused marketing campaigns that will produce immediate ROI. 

Geo-zoning Technology


Intersects proprietary GeoZoning™ technology allows you to identify your audience at their home, office,  and even at your competitor’s locations – giving you the power to unleash your targeted marketing campaigns at the perfect time. 

Identify Stealth Users


Intersect can identify up to 40% of stealth visitors to your  website.

Market to those customers through traditional marketing efforts in a powerful way.

Free Sample Data


Let us gather your site or customer segment profile information and deliver it to you at no cost.

Contacts are capped for sample data sets

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Privacy Protected

The future of audience intelligence is here

Take the anonymity out of marketing

Geo Zoning

Intersect DSP media with identification

Internally validated PII with truth sets for accuracy

Data is Scaled

Enrich your current data sets and learn your customer behaviors at a deeper level


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