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Target Customers Where They Are to Drive Sales and Increase Customer Acquisition with Less Spend

Intersect’s GEO service is designed to empower businesses like yours to deliver personalized, location-specific messages that drive engagement and boost conversions by reaching potential customers where they are – work, home, at the store, on vacation, or at play.
Geo Targeting: Aspects
Target customers in a specific brick-and-mortar storefront with device-pushed ads (MAIDs are a datapoint collected) to upsell services.

Utilizing Intersect’s GEO service, find your audience matches in a specific zip code to target their homes and businesses for a targeted direct mail campaign.

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With less spend, pinpoint your ideal audience with laser-focused precision based on their geographic location. Target specific regions, cities, or even neighborhoods to tailor your marketing messages and promotions. By speaking directly to the needs and interests of your audience, you’ll achieve higher engagement and stronger connections with your customers.