Are you tired of incomplete and fragmented customer datasets? Do you struggle to truly understand your audience and deliver personalized marketing experiences?
Intersect Insights

Enrich Your Customer and Visitor Datasets

Fill in Your Customer Data Gaps

With Enrich, seamlessly integrate disparate data sources, clean and standardize information, and enhance your organization’s datasets with a wealth of valuable details. From demographic data to social media profiles and behavioral insights, Enrich empowers you with a 360-degree view of your customers. 

Datasets include:

What do they do in their free time?
What type of work is the visitor engaged in? Do they have multiple jobs?
Does the visitor rent or own their home? How long have they lived there? If the visitor owns their home, do they have a mortgage? Have they refinanced? What’s the home’s value?
Singular profile URLs on a social media platform like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or YouTube.
Where does the visitor spend their money online? Are they frequent online shoppers? How much do they generally spend?
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Leverage a 360-degree view of your customers!

Enrich offers a comprehensive suite of data enrichment features to help marketers gain a deeper understanding of their customers and drive more impactful marketing campaigns. Using Enrich, effortlessly append missing data points and dive into the realm of behavioral analytics to leverage social media insights, and uncover valuable attributes that can refine your targeting strategies and personalize customer experiences.