As an organization, we prioritize governance and compliance with all data regulations, an opt-out process being part of that goal. We also understand that our valued customers rely on our ability to securely store, collect, analyze, and integrate customer data while ensuring its security, integrity, and legality to the fullest extent in both protecting business data as well as the identities and information of browsers on the web. 

For more information on what Intersect’s technologies do, visit our services and products page.

In respect of each individual’s wishes, we offer an opt-out program for users who wish not to take part in Intersect’s information collection. When the opt-out form on this page is completed, the requesting individual’s information will be deleted from Intersect’s database and no longer be tracked, used, or shared within Intersect’s marketing technologies. However, this is not universal and applies only to the collection, use, and storage of information by Intersect Technologies, not marketing or tracking cookies used on non-Intersect Technologies websites and by non-Intersect Technologies platforms.

If you request that your data should not be collected, stored, or used by Intersect’s marketing technologies, please complete the opt-out request form on this page.

Opt Out Form