Intersect Technologies’ Data Point Glossary aims to provide you with a comprehensive list of terms related to marketing pixels, from the basics to more advanced concepts.

As digital marketing continues to evolve and become increasingly data-driven, the use of marketing pixels and data-driven marketing technology has become all the rage. However, understanding the different types of pixels and how they function can be overwhelming, especially for those who are new to the field.

Intersect Technologies Data Point Glossary aims to provide you with a comprehensive list of terms related to marketing pixels, from the basics to more advanced concepts. Whether you’re a marketer, website owner, or simply curious about the technology that powers digital advertising, this glossary will help you navigate the complex world of marketing pixels. So, let’s dive in and explore the terminology associated with this essential aspect of modern-day marketing!

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Make, model, transmission type of the visitor’s vehicle? 


What’s the visitor’s lifestyle like? Do they go on vacation? Book trips? Own a home business? Do they have pets?

Consumer Interest Index

What are the visitor’s broad interests, particularly in their internet search history? Do they have certain hobbies? Support certain sports teams? Play video games? Bank or invest online?


Age, race, gender, and other demographic information. We see pretty commonly with most fill-in forms.

Donor Behavior

Does the visitor regularly donate to a nonprofit, religious organization, or political party? How often? How much do they donate on average? 


Single, married, low or high-income?


Has the visitor recently applied for a credit card or loan? What credit cards do they have open? What is their credit score?


Is the visitor from an urban or a rural location?

Family Composition

How many children are in the visitor’s household? How many adults? Is the household multi-generational?


The Number of Adults, Children, Generations and Total People that reside in a single home.


What does the visitor do in their free time?


A mobile advertising ID (or MAID for short) is a unique, anonymous alphanumeric identifier that iOS or Android assigns to each mobile device. 


What types of work is the visitor engaged in? 


Does the visitor vote? What’s their political affiliation? 


What genre of material does the visitor like to read? Nonfiction? Gardening, cooking, crafting? What about fiction? Science fiction? Mystery? 


Does the visitor rent or own their home? How long have they lived there? If the visitor owns their home, do they have a mortgage? Have they refinanced? What’s the home’s value?


Singular profile URL on a social media platform like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or YouTube.


Where does the visitor spend their money online? Are they frequent online shoppers? How much do they generally spend?