Intersect Insights

Datasets to Drive Customer Acquisition, Marketing Reach, and Drive Sales

With Intersect Insights in place, marketers like yourself gain access to a treasure trove of valuable information about your website’s stealth visitors and their interactions with your content.

Want to learn more about stealth visitors and what this concept means? Check out this great resource at Forbes Magazine explaining in their own words.

“The power is in the pixel.”
Marketing Pixel

Data acquired includes:

Consumer Interest Indexes
What are the visitor’s broad interests, particularly in their internet search history? Do they have certain hobbies? Support certain sports teams? Play video games? Bank or invest online?
Does the visitor rent or own their home? How long have they lived there? If the visitor owns their home, do they have a mortgage? Have they refinanced? What’s the home’s value?
What’s the visitor’s lifestyle like? Do they go on vacation? Book trips? Own a home business? Do they have pets?
Family Composition
How many children are in the visitor’s household? How many adults? Is the household multi-generational?
Has the visitor recently applied for a credit card or loan? What credit cards do they have open? What is their credit score?

When using insights, no visitor is a stealth visitor.

By capturing and analyzing data not available through traditional marketing pixels, marketers using Insights can gain valuable insights into your audience’s preferences, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions to drive their marketing strategy forward.