Intersect Informer Newsletter – October 2023

Welcome to the second edition of your exclusive Intersect Informer newsletter! We are thrilled to reconnect with our community of forward-thinkers, sharing the latest updates, insights, and inspirations that intersect the worlds of technology, business, and creativity.

As we delve into this edition, we are excited to bring you a requested new feature, top questions answered in an interview with customer success team member Jennifer Johnson, and an introduction to the world of customer journeys.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a curious enthusiast, Intersect Informer is here to enlighten, engage, and inspire you to explore the intersections of knowledge that shape our world.

New Feature: Segmentation

One of our top-requested features is now live – the ability to segment data by webpage.

Example: A candle company wants to have a sale on their fall scents: pumpkin spice, fall leaves, and crisp nights. They track online visitors’ interest in these scents by tracking each product independently. This way, they can send personalized discount code emails to customers based on the specific fall scent they looked at, highlighting it to make a sale.

Ask our customer success team for more details.

Top Questions Answered

We interviewed Jennifer Johnson, better known as JJ, as to the top questions that potential customers ask when onboarding with Intersect’s platform.

Q: Is installing the Intersect pixel going to be difficult?
The Insights pixel is designed to be as compatible and non-obtrusive as possible; it is a piece of code simply dropped in the header or footer section of a customer’s website (similar to other marketing pixels) and should be a routine operation for any web admin.

Q: How much time do I need to devote to the data I get from Intersect?
While the amount of time spent with data is up to each customer, in terms of data automation, any data fueled into the customer dashboard is ready to go and requires no further action than being funneled by savvy salespeople and marketers to convert the new insights into profit.

Q: What happens after I get set up? Am I on my own?
The customer success team is always available to answer questions, assist with onboarding, and help digest initial data. Access to the success team is part of the Intersect difference and is included in the service cost.

You know personas, but do you know your journeys?

A customer journey in marketing refers to the complete series of experiences that customers go through when interacting with a brand or company. From the initial discovery and awareness stage, through consideration and decision-making, and finally to the purchase and post-purchase stages, the journey maps out every touchpoint and interaction a customer might have with a brand.

Think of the customer journey process like a road trip – the visitor has left “home” to get to something they need before they return to their home point. On the way there, they may see billboards (ads) or make a stop, planned or not (visiting other pages or sites), potentially making a purchase or logging interest with each diversion. Savvy marketers embrace and act on this!

Understanding this journey aims to provide insights into customer needs, preferences, and pain points at each phase, allowing marketers to optimize messaging, touchpoints, and overall experience. Businesses can create more targeted and efficient marketing strategies by analyzing the customer journey, enhancing the likelihood of conversion, and fostering customer loyalty.

We’ll go into further depth and just how to utilize your journeys in the next edition of The Intersect Informer newsletter – see you in November!

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