Intersect Informer Newsletter – September 2023

Welcome to the inaugural issue of The Intersect Informer newsletter, your premier source of news, ideas, and trends from Intersect Technologies. We aim to provide cutting-edge knowledge on innovative tech solutions to transform your business.

In this issue, we’re diving into the fascinating world of Customer Personas.

Customer – What’s?

In today’s competitive business landscape, successful marketing relies heavily on understanding and connecting with your target audience. Enter the customer persona, a vital tool that enables marketers to gain deep insights into their ideal customers’ wants, needs, and preferences by speaking directly to their interests as a customer.

What are Customer Personas, and Why are They So Important?

Your customer personas (sometimes called buyer personas) are the go-to profile of a customer who would make a purchase or engage the services that you offer. Think of them as mental images of your “ultimate” customers, including the when, where, and why.

Creating Customer Personas
  1. Start with data already on hand from your social media profiles, email lists, e-commerce trend breakdowns, and other sales and demographic data sources. Website analytics, social media data, customer surveys, and CRM data can also contribute.
  2. Look for trends within your data pointing to personas. Are baby items selling over teen clothing? Are you getting more calls from the real estate niche than in manufacturing?
  3. Supplement what you’ve discovered with more research – surveys, interviews, and listen to your social media sphere.

Remember, a customer persona is more than just a profile. It should include information about their motivations, frustrations, preferences, and the factors influencing their purchasing decisions.

Using Personas in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Remember, like the old saying, “Once you find a pasture full of horses, you have to make them drink.” Wait, it’s “you can’t make them drink.” Once your personas are robustly developed, your marketing strategy can be tweaked and improved to meet their needs and interests better.

For example, if you’re running an organization selling memberships to C-suite professionals, you likely wouldn’t want to send out member emails on weekend mornings, and any content would need to revolve around professional development, market trends, and leadership – unlike marketing content you would send to young professionals where you’d need to tailor more so to junior professional development, skills, and training.

Remember, if a potential customer or client is part of your ideal customer persona, your content must be accurate and engaging to drive success.

Do You Know Your Customer Personas?

When you know your best potential customers, you can reach an interested, engaged, and ready-to-spend core audience that will carry your brand as a commerce or service business. Not only through customer personas do you know who your target audiences are, but you’re able to better market to them – to speak to their interests, motives, and desires. By leveraging this baseline, you’ll always be in the right place, at the right time, with the right audience ready to receive your message.

As digital landscapes continue to evolve, those businesses that can adapt and personalize will be the ones that thrive. And it all starts with understanding who your customers are – one persona at a time. The lucky part is, though, we are always here to help. Stay signed up to receive the Intersect Informer Newsletter – we’ll send it straight to your inbox once a month!

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